Joey McGuinness

Bass Guitar / Vocals

Hi Everybody,

I am Joey McGuinness and I am your 5 string bassist and one of the vocalist for the BLACKSMITH Band. I am the FOUNDER of BLACKSMITH which I formed in 1998 while attending blacksmithing & farrier school.

My Dad & Uncle were popular local Illinois musicians, back in the day, and I grew up with a full bands worth of PA equipment, sweet Fender amps, and guitars like Gretch’s and Rickenbacker’s for my use and abuse. I repurposed my sisters birthday Guitar from her at age 6 (I still have it, named it Stella, and I even took around the world while I was in the Marines) and I have been playing it ever since. I took up the bass when I was 15 due to an available position in the only high school band at my rural Illinois farm school, and with that, a bass player was born and I have been laying the groove and keeping it tight in the rhythm section ever since that song started. I have had numerous experiences and exposures throughout my music career, introducing me to a multitude of different styles and sounds, transitioning from old country, to rock-n-roll, to original music to my time as a musician in the 101st Army band, Colorado National Guard and back to my roots again.

Today, we celebrate the passage of time and reminisce through our music. All of My material for this show is based upon that musical journey taken across time, genres, skillsets(lol), the people that i shared the stage with, and I humbly look back and I am thankful for all of those beautiful moments. I look forward to the new experiences that we are about to share together. Today, I play for you, what made me what I am.